Product Design & Strategy

We utilize various design research strategies such as consumer research, market trends or usage observations to help our clients discover new opportunities.

By remaining up-to-date with new color and material technologies, we’re able to help our clients find the right finish – even at an early stage.

Engineering & Prototyping

Our design is intended for manufacturing. Along with our engineers, we develop working or non-working prototypes with all production details.

During this stage we can conduct early testing and refine your product before manufacturing.


Together with our partners at Shape Prototype, we take your product to manufacturing. Unlike other manufacturers there is no MOQ and their expertise allows us to get your product to market faster.

Our team at Made Studios takes care of quality control so you don’t need to set up a team in Asia.

Selected Projects

We design a broad range of products for top fortune 500 companies as well as for startups.