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We are here to help you with your manufacturing in China.

Nothing is more challenging than being overseas and managing your manufacturing in China.

Our team will coordinate all necessary steps to make the process more smoother, faster and

easier to understand. We will ensure that you are kept up to date a long the way.


( Mass Production )


( Product Validation Test )


( Design Validation Test )


( Engineering Validation Test )

Mechanical Engineering

( DFM Design for Manufacturing )

Product Review

( ESL Establish List of Requirements)


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Our Services


Getting your product manufactured is one step closer going to market. Our involvement in the development process allows us to source and test components at an early stage to ensure a smoother manufacturing run.

Our team will evaluate your product requirements and determine which vendors are a right match. We have

long-term relationships with existing vendors and suppliers.

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Manufacturing Management

Once you are ready for production we will further assist you with all things needed to keep you on track.

Our team will communicate all necessary production steps and conduct sample checks until it meets our criteria for mass production. 

We will also coordinate any certification process that is needed for your product.



Manufacturing Support.jpg
Ongoing Manufacturing Support

Many underestimate the time that is needed to manufacture products and to keep a production running.

We will manage all your future orders, coordinate your suppliers and further conduct all necessary steps to keep your production going.



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Want to learn more?
Contact us and book a free 1 hour consultation.
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